Relationships are tough. Parenting is tough. Life is tough. We can help.

It is futile to try to control or change a child's thoughts, emotions, or temperament. Instead, use guidance tools to help set limits on behavior or teach new skills, if needed.

About TLC

The TLC: Building Healthy Relationships Program, a relationship education program of Holyoke•Chicopee•Springfield Head Start, Inc., is devoted to enhancing the overall health and well being of families. This program provides relationship and marriage workshops as well as supportive programming to Head Start eligible teens, individuals and couples to help learn skills necessary to develop and sustain healthy relationships.


In addition to the relationship and marriage workshops, TLC: Building Healthy Relationships provides a variety of workshops to promote positive parenting practices, responsible fatherhood and follow-up trainings and support services to strengthen families. Workshop schedules are provided in a variety of formats to meet the unique needs of each family.

• Healthy Families Equal Healthy Children •
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